So you want to own a Devon Rex you think it might be fun.
Just be warned that such a cat is not for everyone.
If you treasure peace and quiet or own valuable antiques,
Then a Devon Rex might not be the best cat to seek.
Do you think that cats should eat politely from their bowls down on the floor,
Be warned that a Devon Rex will be on the bench wanting more.
And when you are sitting down happily to a lovely plate of tea
Its likely that your cat will be perching on your shoulder so that it can see.
Would you like a kitten that plays happily with its mouse?
A Devon Rex would rather chase the dog around the house.
Have you got a favourite chair where you watch tv and sit?
The cat will decide that the possession of such a chair only belongs to it.
But if you want a kitten that will steal your heart away,
Then you had better invite a Devon Rex into your home to stay.
            By Lyn Davis